Who Is Responsible For My Ex’s Wife’s Debts?

If you get divorced are you responsible for your ex’s debts? One of our readers recently asked this question following a particularly acromonious divorce. I recently found out that my ex wife had run up over ten thousand pounds in debts on her credit cards. She has not been keeping up the payments on these… [Continue Reading]

Three Simple Tips for Living Well, But Within Your Means

The key to financial freedom is not as many people believe based just on the amount of money your earn each month. It is also about manage your money and spending according to your priorities. You could refer to this as living beneath your means. Here are some great tips for managing your spending without… [Continue Reading]

Payment Protection Ambulance Chasers…

The recent court victory in the high court has opened the doors to claims against payment protection insurance mis-selling. PPI has been sold to many people who simply were not appropriate for this type of insurance. For instance, people in temporary contracts or self employed are very unlikely to be able to claim on this… [Continue Reading]

US Debt Figures Improve

New statistics from America suggest that fewer people are having serious debt problems. The number of default dropped for mortgages, credit cards and car loans. These figures were released today by, Standard & Poor. They jointly produce the S&P/Experian Consumer Credit Default Indices, using information collected from 11,500 US based lenders The defaults on mortgages… [Continue Reading]

Should You Use Payday Loans?

Its hard to escape the flood of recent advertising about payday loans. This has appeared frequently in the national press and TV. Most of us do run short at some point and these offers can look very tempting. A careful look at these reveals that they are very expensive. The APR figures on the bottom… [Continue Reading]

Act Now If Your income Is Falling!

What to do if your income is falling

Many people have been experiencing real problems with their debts as a result of the economy. A recent study from the Bank of England found over 50% of UK households had less disposable income over the last 12 months.  Around 28% of people siad that their disposable income had fallen by more than £100. Given… [Continue Reading]

Zero % Credit Card Offers Are A Great Tool To Reduce Debt

Credt card interest rates have crept steadily upwards over the last few years making them a very expensive way to raise credit. Even with good credit you may be paying 17%. If your credit is poor, you could be paying as much as 30%. There are still good zero percent offers available where you can… [Continue Reading]

Will A Lack Of Savings Drive People Into IVA’s?

Recent research from the HSBC bank suggest that many Britons are heading for debt problems in the future. Despite 76% of those surveyed saying that they are concerned about the state of our economy, almost all are planning to carry on as usual. It is a double edged sword. One the one hand, the Government… [Continue Reading]

Some Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

Check your credit score. Try and check your credit report regularly and make sure that there are no inaccuracies. Pay your bills on time. Paying late will ring alarm bells and suggest that you may have some form of problem. At the very least put your minimum payment on a direct debit so that you… [Continue Reading]