Explore the alternatives of bankruptcy to secure financial freedom in UK

Some options to avoid going bankrupt

If you’re having trouble paying your credit card bills and your accounts have been turned down to collection agencies, you must have thought of filing bankruptcy so that you can start a new financial life. But before filing bankruptcy, you need to consider the alternatives to it so that you can secure a safe financial… [Continue Reading]

Credit Card Bankruptcy

The sheer number of people struggling to repay the money they owe is still increasing in the UK. Last year more than 100,000 called the Insolvency Helpline searching for ways to better manage and control credit card debts. It’s believed the average credit card debt balance among callers is around £25,000. The vast majority of… [Continue Reading]

Should I Go Bankrupt?

When people begin to struggle under a mountain of debts, the question “Should I go bankrupt?”; enters their minds. Bankruptcy can seem like an easy option for some people. After all, their debts are repaid, the creditors are off their backs and they no longer have to worry about expensive repayments. Unfortunately, far too many… [Continue Reading]

Help to Clear My Debt

Have you been worried about the constant little voice in your head asking the question ‘can I get help to clear my debt?’. If you already know you’re in debt over your head and you know you won’t be able to repay it on your current income, there is help available. Where Do I Find… [Continue Reading]

How Can I Write Off My Debt?

How Can I Write Off Debt? If you’re struggling to meet your repayments on your debt, you might be asking “How can I write off my debt?” People who have taken out more debts than they can realistically afford to repay usually find themselves falling further behind as the repayments become less affordable. Once you’ve… [Continue Reading]

What Are The Alternatives To Bankruptcy?


If you’re caught in a never-ending spiral of debt and continually behind in your payments, you might feel as though bankruptcy is your only option. There is much information circulating around the internet that tells people bankruptcy could be an option to “make all your debts go away”. Unfortunately, while this can be true to… [Continue Reading]

An Overview of Debt Relief Orders

How Does a DRO Work? A DRO, or Debt Relief Order, is a specific type of insolvency agreement that is intended to help people facing financial difficulties who have very little chance of repaying their debts in an acceptable time frame. It is designed for people on low incomes as an alternative debt management solution…. [Continue Reading]

Where Can I Get Bankruptcy Information?

Are you wondering “Where can I get bankruptcy information?”; Bankruptcy is a serious step that should not be taken lightly. However, if you’re truly struggling with your monthly repayment obligations, it could become an option for you. There are plenty of places to seek information about bankruptcy. The UK Insolvency Helpline is designed to offer… [Continue Reading]

How Does Bankruptcy Work?


Bankruptcy should be a last resort option for people suffering from financial hardship who cannot repay their debts. If you haven’t been bankrupted before, you could find that your bankruptcy will be discharged after 12 months, although in some cases it may be sooner than this. Even though you may have been discharged, you will… [Continue Reading]